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1. Don't use a phone or an Apple product - you will very seldom be successful, or receive an acknowledgment (if you were successful).

2. If you are having difficulty and using MS Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

3. If you didn't receive an acknowledgement - you are likely not registered.

4. Make sure you are registering your player. Look carefully at the little things (date of birth, Male vs female, etc).

If you enter the wrong DOB, or change your son to a daughter - you have invented a new player!



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 Field Status

Field Status is Determined by 2:00 PM each day.  Please be sure to check after that time each day.

Today's Games
Bluegrass 99 Boys White   9:00 AM
99 Flyers Fallin...
Bluegrass 98 Girls White   9:00 AM
Lady Warrior 97 Red Clinto...
Bluegrass 03 Boys Blue   11:00 AM
Atletico Flames WYSA C...
Bluegrass 04 Girls   11:00 AM
CSC Gold   11:00 AM
Bluegrass 00 Boys TBA
United FC Gold   11:00 AM
Bluegrass 03 Boys White TBA
Bluegrass 01 Girls   11:00 AM
KFJ Classic Red Fallin...
Bluegrass 01 Boys   1:00 PM
Atletico Flames   1:00 PM
Bluegrass 00 Girls TBA
Bluegrass 98 Boys Blue   1:00 PM
LSA 98 Central Fallin...
Bluegrass 02 Boys   1:00 PM
Owensboro United Blue WYSA C...
Bluegrass 98 Girls White   1:00 PM
Wilmington Lightning GU16 Clinto...
Bluegrass 04 Boys Grey   3:00 PM
MC United U10 WYSA C...
Bluegrass 02 Girls   3:00 PM
KY Rush 02 Girls White WYSA C...
Bluegrass 04 Boys Blue   3:00 PM
KFJ U10 Boys Premier White WYSA C...
LFC Blue   3:00 PM
Bluegrass 04 Girls TBA
LFC U10 Boys Red   3:00 PM
Bluegrass 04 Boys White TBA
Bluegrass 97 Boys Blue   5:00 PM
SKY / United Fallin...

Upcoming Games
Bluegrass 97 Boys Blue vs FC of KY
Bluegrass 02 Girls vs 02 LSC
Bluegrass 99 Boys Blue vs CSC 99 Boys Blue
Bluegrass 96 Boys vs KFJ Premier
Blast FC vs Bluegrass 97 Boys White
CSC 04 Boys Gold vs Bluegrass 04 Boys White
LFC Blue vs Bluegrass 03 Girls
CSC Gold vs Bluegrass 04 Girls
Bluegrass 99 Girls vs DCR G99 Bridge
United 1996 FC Gold vs Bluegrass 02 Boys

Upcoming Events
No events scheduled.