Bluegrass Soccer Club

Posted Jun 7, 2018

2007 Boys White Tryout Results

B. Staff     E. Powell     E. Clark     D. Garcia     J. Farmer

D. Ashmun     I. Howard     H. Thompson     W. McKale     D. Turner

B. Greathouse     E. Stilwell     Z. Brown

Alternates (could be brought up if white team spots are not accepted)

L. Knight     W. Morris     N. Cheshire


2007 Boys Blue Tryout Results

S. Taylor     K. Osting     P. Coblin     K. Wade     J. Hyatt

A, Hamilton     B. Cox     N. Cheshire     W. Morris     L. Knight

We will be looking to add a few more to BSC Blue team with the supplemental tryouts Sunday June 10 at 4:00 pm